This case cart matrix is a lean surgical case cart picking system, which applies a lean methodology to pick case carts ten times faster and accurately. It provides a platform to schedule surgeries or interfaces with existing surgery scheduling systems to promptly put all surgical team members on the same page.

It promptly notifies concerned team members when cases are scheduled and when case carts are pulled. It also directly notifies team members of missing items or surgical instruments for scheduled surgical procedures and add-ons.

Instead of picking one case cart at a time - resulting in excessive movement and waste of time and energy. The case cart matrix lumps many case carts into one and allows the case cart picker to pull as many case carts as space would allow, but all at once. It drastically minimizes excessive walking by sending the case cart picker to each supply or instrument rack, shelf and bin one time to furnish all case carts in need of an item or surgical instrument set.

The case cart matrix eliminates error by tracking each item and surgical instrument set that is picked for each surgical procedure. It keeps an accurate and up to date inventory of surgical instruments and surgical supplies.It also eliminates scheduling conflicts and avoids surgical delays. It saves time and allows managers to reallocate labor to other labor-intensive areas.

The case cart matrix interfaces with suppliers and distributors of surgical instruments and surgical supplies and make the ordering of surgical instruments and supplies a breeze. It keeps track of par levels and notifies concerned team members to click the order button for instruments and supplies to be automatically ordered - without phone calls and filling out forms.

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