Crash Cart Matrix


When it comes to emergencies, crash carts are critically brilliant. And when precious lives are on the line, ensuring that clean and functional medical equipment and supplies are readily available, remains a critical function in healthcare.

Hence, the issues of crash carts cannot be ignored, which explains why healthcare systems spend about $25 to monitor each crash cart daily. Therefore, the average annual cost of processing and monitoring each crash cart sums up to about $9,125.

When this is multiplied by the total number of crash carts in a medical facility, the cost can be high. In addition, when the cost of crash cart delay, waste, and medical errors such as the use of expired items on patients are factored, the cost can be extremely high.

First of its kind; Crash Cart Matrix automatically monitors crash carts for expired items daily. It shortens crash cart exchange times, prevents the use of expired items on patients each time, and eliminates phone calls for crash carts in healthcare systems.

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