iBR [Instrument Brush Rack]

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Coined from instrument brush rack; the term iBR (pronounced I-Bar) is a lean production device that combines the core functionality of bins, racks, shelves and a french gauge to consolidate sterile processing supplies, ease bottlenecks and ensure the consistent delivery of clean, sterile, functional and relevant instruments, patient care equipment and sterilization supplies on time and budget.

Customizable to the needs of each work station; an iBR occupies less space standing on a workbench or if mounted on a wall. It holds items such as; brushes, sponges, tags, test kits, locks, integrators, indicators, load stickers, tip protectors, peel packs, count sheet holders, quality assurance cards, labels, tapes, markers, pens and much more in Decontamination, Set Assembly and Sterilization area. iBR does indeed, make sterile processing easy, accurate, and consistent.

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