A Surgical Instrument Master Wrap is a Class I medical device, that applies impact displacement technology to dislodge handling impact that could potentially tear or puncture a hole in a wrapped surgical instrument tray. From set assembly, sterilization, sterile storage, case carts to each operating room, master wrap effectively prevent holes and secures the integrity of each wrapped tray. For patient safety, master wrap is made with polypropylene material and does not make use of the dust and moisture trapping foam materials used by other vendors for tray belts and corner protectors. It also comes with a smart pouch on the side to isolate surgical count sheets to avoid ink stains and paper particle contaminants during sterilization. As recommended by the AORN, this count sheet holder also makes count sheets available to operating rooms in search of rarely used instruments - without the need to blindly open sterile instrument sets.

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The Universal Surgical Count Sheet Holder is a Class I medical device for the isolation of surgical count sheets from surgical instruments and surgical implants to avoid ink stains and paper-particle contaminants during and after sterilization. This device is compatible to steam, hydrogen peroxide gas, ethylene oxide and ozone sterilants.

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It is a color changing card that stick to wrapped surgical instrument sets – providing a surface to write on and avoid compromising the integrity of wrapped instrument sets. It helps to keep sterile instruments from non-sterile instruments. This quality assurance card is compatible with steam, hydrogen peroxide gas, ethylene oxide gas and ozone sterilization.

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In a world; where presentism is applauded, people try not to complain about being sick. In fact, it’s just like learning to live in denial about one’s own health and wellness until it gets worse.

While it remains challenging to shake off this false pattern of denialism. Healthwise, however, accepting weakness as pretext to be reviewed by a physician, most especially during a pandemic, cannot be overstated.

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