As outline in the book "The Ideal Sterile Processing Department", change is what distinguishes leaders from managers. This is to say that while leaders take institutions to new heights, managers sustain attained heights of institutions. In other words, where the leader's work ends in an institution, the manager's work begins and both rarely exist in one person. The Ideal Sterile Processing Department

For a sterile processing department to thrive therefore, decision makers must first understand what their sterile processing department needs. If change is needed, a leader is required. If change is not needed, then a manager is required. If a sterile processing department is having issues, then what we need is not a sterile processing manager but a sterile processing leader. This explains why many medical centers have a high sterile processing management turnover rate. That said; there are times when operating room staff and sterile processing technicians don't seem to understand that something is wrong with their system. Often because they don't that they don't know enough to improve their system. Hence, they perceive their limitations as the normal order of doing business. Sterile instrument systems can help.


All things being equal, no one comes to work to do harm. As instrument processing technicians, we always come to deliver clean, sterile, functional and relevant surgical instruments. There are times however, when sterile processing technicians are overworked, overwhelmed and morale damped down to the point of causing harm in operating rooms. When this happens, some may be tempted to resort to finger pointing – as nothing seems to work. The good news is that there are solutions and sterile instrument systems has the answers to boost morale in each sterile processing department. We pledge upon our honor to bring your sterile processing crew to work with smiles of optimism and high standards. We will take your sterile processing department to its peak.


No one can give what they do not have. Likewise, no processing technician can deliver best instrument outcomes without core knowledge about sterile sciences. Hence, to deliver clean, sterile, functional and relevant surgical instruments on time, each time, sterile processing technicians, supervisors and managers must be well trained and empowered. Sterile instrument systems nurtures struggling sterile processing departments back to health. We teach the what and why we must practice a proven policy for patient safety. Let’s share our advanced instrument processing expertise with your technicians for best surgical outcomes. It’s simple; just state your surgical instrument processing challenges. We deploy sterile forensics to resolve them quickly.


You have poured your heart and soul to improve the standard of instrument processing in your sterile processing department. Yet, things fall apart and out of control. You need help and outsourcing is an option. To determine if outsourcing your sterile processing department is the right thing for you, answer the following questions:

  • Do you have rampant surgical delays?
  • Do you have rampant instrument issues?
  • Is the cost of doing business too expensive?
  • Do you have many low performing sterile processing technicians?
  • Have you fired and hired more than two sterile processing managers?
  • Is your job on the line because sterile processing is having many issues?

Talk to us about outsourcing and rest assured that change would come.