Sterile Matrix AI; is a proactive surgical instruments, equipment, supplies and sterile processing technician management system, which conducts data analytics of the known and unknown variables of surgical procedures to minimize errors, prevent delay, reduce the cost of surgery, and ensure best surgical outcomes in operating rooms, each time.

It enhances the performance of sterile processing technicians and nurses to get the job done right the first time, each time in operating rooms and patient care areas. It proactively conducts workload assessments, work schedules, attendance and general performance management. In short, it supercharges sterile processing technicians and nurses to consistently deliver clean, sterile, functional, and relevant surgical instruments, equipment and supplies on time and budget.

Sterile Matrix (AI) guides, monitors, improves and measures the performance of instrument technicians and overall department performance. It uniquely applies predictive algorithms to minimize medical errors, minimize operating room delay, and reduce the cost of patient care. In real time; it offers clinical data analysis of productivity, quality, efficiency, risk, compliance, and budgets to guide sound and swift decision making.

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